Where to Meet for

Adventure Bike Lessons


Dirt Bike Lessons

Generally we run our off-road lessons at Pinjar Motorcycle Area, just north of Wanneroo.


Wanneroo: Only if I have organised to meet you at 633 Wanneroo Rd, Wanneroo, before we drive to Pinjar Motorcycle Area, then we’ll meet here – Rear car park of 633 Wanneroo Rd, Wanneroo - 


Pinjar: Only if I have organised to meet you at Pinjar Motorcycle Area (PMA) then “generally, subject to parking” we will be meeting approximately here - 


Why Pinjar Motorcycle Area:


  1. Pinjar Motorcycle Area is an ideal place to meet up to do lessons.There are several kilometres of man-made tracks & is open to all motorcycles & quad bikes & you don't need a road-registered bike, or a motorcycle licence to ride at Pinjar Motorcycle Area. 

  2. Pinjar Motorcycle Area (PMA) has multiple terrains from limestone roads, clay motocross tracks, sand tracks, pine forest & natural vegetation & some small hills. 

  3. Pinjar Motorcycle Area has basic “National Park” type latrines but no other amenities, so be prepared.

  4. I will always have bottled water with me for your convenience, so you won't die of thirst, I promise. 

  5. All Motorcycle Lessons Perth’s bikes are fully road registered (A class licensed), so they can be “legally” ridden on the road & then straight off into the bush or on unsealed roads. 

  6. If you are road licensed and/or have your own road licensed bike, we can leave the PMA & are free to ride anywhere outside the PMA.


For more information about Pinjar Motorcycle Area or other areas like Pinjar, please visit -